See for yourself why Valley Tree Masters offers the best prices matched with the highest service quality all over the Phoenix. Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale areas.

Valley Tree Masters is a proud professional tree trimming and removal company carrying a 2 Million dollar insurance policy, don’t let yourself be cheated.

Take Care of your Trees

A question we’re frequently asked is; “Why is it important to prune my trees?”. Safety is our number one concern. Over time, tree branches can become very heavy and your property may be at risk of a large leader branch that may break and land on your home, in your yard, or even on a car – we’ve cleaned up the unfortunate aftermath of many of these situations. By regularly pruning your trees, both in your yard and near your home, you’re reducing the risk of damage to your property. Over time, proper pruning of your trees will greatly impact the tree’s structure, size and overall health. Proper and consistent tree care will result in beautiful and healthy trees for many years to come, that can add many thousands of dollars to your home’s value if you ever decide to move.

Why Should I use a tree trimming company?

At first thought, it seems like a great money-saver to grab your loppers or chainsaw and cut your tree when it’s branches are hanging over your car or getting to close to your house. But when you hire Valley Tree Masters, a professional tree service company, you’ll be getting lasting and invaluable results that you may enjoy for years to come. During your complimentary estimate, Dan, an I.S.A. Certified Arborist, and owner of our company, will suggest to you where cuts should be made and, for the overall health of the tree, what should be trimmed. The crew assigned to your project will be briefed on the specifics of your project during our morning meeting before they are dispatched to your property to ensure they know exactly what is to be done and what end results you’d like to see.