Valley Tree Masters is a leading Scottsdale, AZ-based tree trimming and removal company providing professional tree trimming, tree and tree stump removal and cactus removal services to our valued Phoenix area clientele in addition to showcasing our unbeatable combination of licensed, insured top quality work, low pricing and top notch service!

We carry a full $2 Million liability and worker’s compensation insurance, policies for your protection and ours and we have I.S.A. Certified Arborists on staff to give you the best professional advice on your project – no matter the size or complexity of your project.


  • We are the highest customer-rated Tree Service of ANY Phoenix tree trimming company with Google Reviews - Over 50 5 Star Ratings!
  • Fully Insured to $2 Million.
  • Certified Arborists on staff.
  • Full Workman’s Compensation Insurance on all of our employees, for our protection and yours.
  • Our crews use proper safety gear, climbing & rope-rigging equipment, to prevent any injuries or damage to your property.
  • Our business has been built upon the many hundreds of repeat customers that call us back, year after year, to properly and safely perform their tree service projects.
  • We understand that our long-term success depends solely on satisfied, repeat customers, which is what we strive for every day – to exceed expectations!
  • We are an experienced, fully-insured tree company employing Certified Arborists and providing no-cost, knowledgeable expert advice.

Thank you for choosing Valley Tree Masters!


  • Sabrina H.
    Had a group of cactus in my front yard that were ugly and a pain to landscape around. I finally convinced my husband we needed to get rid of them and found Valley Tree Managers online. They were able to give us a quote the same day that we called and the cactus were gone by the end of the week - it looks like they were never there and now I can finally plant the grass I've always wanted! I will use these guys in the future, they were so polite and great to work with!
    Sabrina H.
  • Alex W.
    My father is elderly and still lives in the same house he has lived in for more than 50 years in a quiet area of Mesa. He's stubborn and refuses to move but badly needed his Citrus trees removed because he's not able to get out there on a regular basis and pick the fruit before it goes bad and attracts flies and such. Dan was able to coordinate his schedule with mine and meet me at my father's house on short notice and just really blew me away with his presentation. His workers were able to have all those citrus trees removed in a few hours and didn't even disturb my father's schedule of Westerns and Soup! I am so very impressed with their professionalism and great quality of work. Use these guys!!
    Alex W.
  • Denise M.
    For quite some time, I've been going back and forth with my neighbor to the left of us to convince him to trim his huge trees that overhang our yard. He always refused and, being that we plan on staying in our house for some time, we didn't want to start an all-out war with him. We called Valley Tree Masters on a recommendation from my sister-in-law and had Dan come out to give us some advise or see if there was anything we could do. We had to eat the cost, but we're elated to announce our neighbor's tree was trimmed at our property line and we're told the integrity of their trees is still intact and healthy. Great news for all parties involved; thanks Dan!
    Denise M.
  • Jackson T.
    My wife and I just bought our first home and the only con was the huge tree hanging over our backyard porch. It blew all sorts of debris in our pool (so fun to clean!) and we needed it gone to free up some lawn-space. Our neighbors recommended Valley Tree Managers and we're so pleased with the results. We were told that because of the heavy branches hanging over our roof a crane needed to be brought in to safely remove the top part of the tree and not only was that amazing to watch, but, the whole crew got that tree removed so quickly and now I can spend my weekends watching Football instead of cleaning out leaves from my pool! Thanks again for all your hard work!
    Jackson T.
  • Phil B.
    We just bought a house in Scottsdale and the previous owners must have been Cactus-crazy... They had tons of little Cacti all over the front yard, several large Saguaro's in the backyard and even built our circular driveway around a Saguaro! Needless to say, little kids and Cactus don't mix and, to me, they're not so beautiful to look at. I was hesitant to call around because I've heard you need to have permits to remove Cactus in Arizona, but spoke with Dan and he assured me that if it's on my own property, I'm allowed to dispose of it as I wish.... Great news! Dan came out on a Thursday, and I had all of that prickly Cactus out of my yard by the following Monday. My kids are free to play wherever they want without the risk of getting hurt and we're now working with our nursery to find some trees that will provide us shade and privacy for a long time. Very pleased to work with Valley Tree Managers - will definitely be recommending them to our new friends!
    Phil B.
  • Robert P.
    Several years ago, I hired a landscaping/tree company off Craigslist to trim a few huge trees that lined my driveway and hung over my roof. Not only did that company arrive hours later than they told me, but they dropped a huge branch on my house that ended up costing me hundreds of dollars to repair. This time, I smartened up and did my research. Valley Tree Masters gave me a heads up call that they were on their way to my house, used a bunch of technical-looking safety gear and did a heck of a job overall. Really pleased with their work and wasn't the least bit worried about damage this go-around. Will only be using them for any future work I've got; thanks again for a job well done!
    Robert P.
  • Phyllis L.
    I am the Manager at a local mobile home park and at one of our community meetings, we decided to get rid of a bunch of dead palm trees near the entrance to make room for a new guard shack. We were given Dan's number by a resident and couldn't be happier with our new entryway. All of those unsightly palms are gone and it looks like our grass and beautiful shrubbery has been there all along. The guys were so professional and didn't disturb any of our residents- and most importantly: they did a great job cleaning up! I have a bunch of their business cards in our front office and will only be using them for future jobs.
    Phyllis L.